Leaving Okinawa Islands

Zamami was a beautiful Island. Unfortunatelly only reachable by ferry, but this time I survived the 2 hour ride. Seems like if you lay down and Fall asleep it's easier to survive.

In Zamami there is generally nothing going on. In March even less. The weather is only around 20° and the Japanese tourists prefer to stay here from May to September. So basically I had the whole Island for me. ;-) Nevertheless sometimes you meet people, for example a very nice french family with 3 young boys, living in Kyoto. Good to Know: They offered me to stay in their flat for a couple of nights in Kyoto.

One day I was hiking around the whole Island (took about 3-4 hours). Never saw a single person till the end. But things happened....

I will try to find somebody today who can fix my glasses. Without them I feel a lot "disabled". :(  During my hike I found an abandoned beach - but even in Japan (like in all other asian countries I have visited so far) it was completely wasted.