In the western world Hiroshima is only known for the Atomic Bombing of August 6th 1945. Many are even often not sure, if the city is still radioactive and if people actually live nowadays in Hiroshima! But Hiroshima is so much more. Yes, the Atomic Bombing is part of the city, but besides that it is a vibrant but still of a size easy to grasp.

Hiroshima is famous for their dish called "Okonomiyaki", which is simply delicious! It is kind of a pancake grilled on a hot plate in front of you, containing cabbage, (pork) and egg. Other ingredients can be added as well. To continue on my quest to try as much as possible different seafood and fish in Japan, I had one with Oyster. :)

To remember the Atomic Bombing Hiroshima converted Ground Zero into a huge park, called "The Peace Park". Quite suprising to me was that also many trees survived the bombing. Here is one (1.1 km from the epicentre away) with the Hiroshima castle in the background.